1. The Details!

    So you have a great new room. The walls are freshly painted; there’s a fantastic new sofa, side tables, and cocktail table. Now what? Now it’s time to think about the details. How are you going to style that great cocktail table or brand new built-in bookcases?

    One great way to put the finishing touches on that cocktail table is to find a great tray. Or some great coffee table books. Or both! Some cute little decorative boxes or a precious little keepsake would be great too. A couple of your favorite magazines placed at exactly the right angle can pull it all together.

    Now how about those bookcases? They’re not just for books anymore! Adding a few frames or candles are a great way to add a finishing touch. Or a unique bookend, perhaps. One of our favorite trends is splashing some color to the back of that book case. It can be done in a few ways; paint and wallpaper are the most common. Depending on how you like your books, there are a lot of ways to put them on a shelf. By alphabetically, by series, height, color even. They’re all acceptable, whatever works for you!

    Now as for those other places that just need a little something extra, how about some fresh flowers or a small plant? Not only do the look pretty, they bring some life into your home. Lamps are great decorating pieces. That goes for artwork and mirrors, too!  The last thing were going to leave you with is this: more is not always better. Find the right balance of empty space and your items to give it a complete look.


    { Cocktail Tables with Trays }


    { Cake Stands Repurposed }


    { The Right Amount of Coffee Table Books }


    { Uncluttered Book Case }


    { Painted Book Case }


    { Wallpapered Book Case }


    { Decorate with Plants! }


    { Or Maybe a Trendy Bag? }


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