1. Spring is in the Air!

    Spring is finally upon us!  With that in mind, we wanted to show you some great ways to decorate this spring. We’ll be making some changes to our showroom soon, too. We can’t wait! While we still have snow on the ground here, you can’t blame us for being a bit eager to brighten up a room!

    And when spring rolls around, that usually means spring cleaning for a lot of people. Now’s a great time to get organized. Not only are a lot of people already planning on cleaning to begin with, lots of stores have all the storage boxes and baskets on sale. Baskets are a great way to hide that necessary clutter in any room whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, or kid’s room. They come in all sorts of sizes making it easy to find the perfect one.


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    Adding a new pop of color to your space is easy with some new accent pillows. Adding a bright color will definitely make it feel like spring in there! Adding a yellow, bright blue or green can really liven up the space.  But, those bright colors can come from anywhere. A small way to decorate for spring is to add some bright accessories or a piece of art.


    { Bright Pillows }

    As much as we hate to admit it, rugs can gather dust and dander, despite our best efforts to stop that. A new area rug can make a huge impact on your space.  A bold color will balance out neutral sofas and chairs. We have lots of great options in our show room, so stop by!


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    Our final decorating suggestion is to decorate with flowers. Nothing says spring to me like a bouquet of fresh flowers. With so many types of flowers out there, everyone has a favorite and they’ll be easier to find now that it’s spring. Another great idea is decorating with fresh fruit or vegetables. They’re practical since you can use them and they look great in your kitchen or dining room as a center piece. Flowers and fruit are a natural way to bring some fragrance into a space without having to use those overpowering sprays.


    { Fresh Flowers and Fruit }

    Here’s to hoping winter is over and the weather warms up. Happy spring!

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