1. Make it Pop

    Everybody needs a little color in their life. It can makes a room bright, warm, and inviting. There’s a perfect amount of color for everybody, it’s just a matter of finding out what your perfect amount is. Do you only need a pop of color or are you going to go bold with it?

    There are a few ways you can easily add some color to your life. The two easiest being throw pillows and accessories! That way you can always keep up on those ever changing trends. They’re also a great way to add just a touch of of color to an already great space.

    If you are one of the brave ones, why not go crazy with it! Make an entire sofa a bright color. Or maybe a big area rug to pull the whole room together?

    Another great way to add color is through, of course, paint! Paint is a great way to test your color choice since paint is relatively inexpensive. And if you don’t like it, just repaint! It’s much less of a commitment then say, a rug.

    Here are some great examples of ways you can add some color into your home.


    { Bright Pillows }


    { Pop of Pink }

    small spaces

    { Colorful Sofa }


    { Bold Base Cabinets }


    { Elegant Emerald }


    { Black and Yellow }


    { Hidden Color }


    { Cute Coral }


    { Purple and Yellow }


    { Pink and Blue }


    { Pretty Purple }

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