1. Don’t be Afraid of the Dark!

    We love the use of dark walls in a room. Using a dark color will make any room feel more intimate. They can be used to effectively highlight design elements on the wall, such as a painting. They also can easily be used to create contrast, which all spaces need a little of.

    But, how much of that great dark wall color should you use? It depends! If you have a really large space, you can probably get away with using more. And if you have a smaller space, perhaps you might only need to add the dark color as an accent wall, like some of the photos below have.

    If you do decide to cover all your walls (and maybe your ceiling, too!) please remember to add some contrast! An easy way to add contrast to your deep colored wall would be to add a light colored trim. We love Benjamin Moore’s White Dove for just that purpose. Or add a warm colored window treatment.

    Having a lot of natural light in a space will help to balance out the deep color you choose. But if you don’t have a lot of natural light, if could be beneficial to choose a high-gloss finish for your paint. High-gloss paint has a shine to it, which will reflect whatever light you have in your space, natural or artificial. Adding a mirror is also a great way to get more light bouncing around your room.

    As far as choosing what deep color you want, there are many to choose from. The safest colors to pick are: black, greys, navy blues and chocolate browns. However choosing a deep red or green can be an iffy choice, especially in a small space. They can make the room feel smaller and more confining since they’ll draw more attention to the walls as opposed to the other colors listed.

    Some of our favorite dark paint colors by Benjamin Moore are: Hale Navy, Nightfall, Graphite, and Kendall Charcoal. But don’t let our favorites coerce you to not pick your own favorite.Maybe yours is in one of these great photos!


    { Contrasting Colors }


    { Popping Artwork }


    { Bright Ceiling and Trim }


    { Dark Blue }


    { Dark Ceiling }


    { Bright Trim }


    {Dark Accent Wall }


    { Dark Bathroom }


     { Dark Accent in Bedroom }

    How will you use a deep color in your home? Let us know!

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