1. Holiday Favorites for the Design Lover

    Holiday Favorites

    What better way to kick off the holiday season than with gifts for the design lover! How about snuggling up in our new spindle wing chair with a luxurious fur throw! Create a cozy nook with a new holiday candle and pour yourself a drink from this little brass bar cart! We love mixing geometric shapes with gold and cream accents this season. We have so many new accessories in the studio that would make great gifts for your holiday! Stop in the studio this month and find all of these items to share with your loved one! Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  2. Pillow Love

    Pillows can really add a finishing touch to a room!  It’s all about mixing the right pattens and textures. We’ve selected fabrics from Osborne & Little, Kravet, and Dwell Studio to create a funky vibe for a lake house project in Wisconsin. We are loving the pop of kelly green mixed with navy, yellow and white.

    Pillows - 4

    { the nomad pattern gets the attention it deserves against the solid yellow }

    Pillows - 2

    { stripes and solids balance a busy fabric }

    Pillows - 3

    { mixing colors, patterns, and textures }

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  3. Hello Again!

    Hello again! We hope you didn’t forget about us! Kate Marker Interiors has been on overload with amazing projects and clients. We promise that we will be back to our usual selves and posting on a weekly basis! In the meantime, we would like to share some snapshots from a recent installation! Let us know what you think!


    Circa 2



    Four Hands

    Circa 1

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  4. Project Update!

    We have completed another project here at KMI! It all started with a mutual love for grey & yellow. Our client already had grey and yellow accents all over the house. We came in to tie a few loose ends and it turned out so lovely!

    The first room we tackled was a multipurpose room. It’s a room where the family gathers to play games, read books, craft, do homework, lounge, or do just about anything! The space was already painted in a bold shade of yellow: Firefly by Benjamin Moore. We had a vision to create floor to ceiling bookshelves with plenty of room for games, books and crafts. Then we decided to add a daybed and a desk to the shelves, creating an all in one, multipurpose unit! The asymmetric shelves have a fun, relaxed vibe. The daybed has three drawers below for additional storage. The custom cushion and over-sized pillows are perfect for cuddling up with a good book. We used some of our favorite fabrics in this room from Kelly Wearstler and Jacques Bouvet et Cie. A large table sits in the middle of the room, perfect for crafting, doing homework or playing games. Five Tolix chairs nestle around the table. The metal chairs are super durable but comfortable at the same time!


    The dining room did not need as much work. The space already had a bold, damask wallcovering and grey trim. The trim is painted in Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore. We wanted to have touches of modern while keeping the space classic and timeless. Therefore, we added a zinc table from Bobo Intriguing Objects. It gives the room a cool vibe. We also got a new hutch from Four Hands that has a classic, vintage look. It is painted in a Swedish grey with driftwood accents. The slip-covered chairs and bench from Lee Industries add a relaxed yet timeless quality to the room.



    Thanks for stopping by!

    All photos were taken by our friend, Julie Linnekin.

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  5. Egg-cellent Colored Furniture!

    Easter is just a couple days away! And with Easter always comes brightly colored Easter eggs.  We’ve found some great furniture pieces that feature lovely pastel colors perfect for spring.  These pieces, and other ones like them, could be the perfect pop of color you’re looking for at this time of year!

    Brightly colored furniture is great because you can find them in all styles. From traditional to modern, from blue to yellow, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece for you. You can find smaller pieces, like accent tables, or bigger pieces like dressers or desks.

    Do you have a piece of furniture at home that you love but it’s starting to look dated? If that’s the case, let us know! We can help you pick out the perfect color choice to refinish it in! This is a more affordable way to get the piece of colored furniture of your dreams.



    If you’re interested in any of these pieces stop by the showroom!

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  6. Spring is in the Air!

    Spring is finally upon us!  With that in mind, we wanted to show you some great ways to decorate this spring. We’ll be making some changes to our showroom soon, too. We can’t wait! While we still have snow on the ground here, you can’t blame us for being a bit eager to brighten up a room!

    And when spring rolls around, that usually means spring cleaning for a lot of people. Now’s a great time to get organized. Not only are a lot of people already planning on cleaning to begin with, lots of stores have all the storage boxes and baskets on sale. Baskets are a great way to hide that necessary clutter in any room whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, or kid’s room. They come in all sorts of sizes making it easy to find the perfect one.


    { Store in Style }

    Adding a new pop of color to your space is easy with some new accent pillows. Adding a bright color will definitely make it feel like spring in there! Adding a yellow, bright blue or green can really liven up the space.  But, those bright colors can come from anywhere. A small way to decorate for spring is to add some bright accessories or a piece of art.


    { Bright Pillows }

    As much as we hate to admit it, rugs can gather dust and dander, despite our best efforts to stop that. A new area rug can make a huge impact on your space.  A bold color will balance out neutral sofas and chairs. We have lots of great options in our show room, so stop by!


    { Bold Area Rugs }

    Our final decorating suggestion is to decorate with flowers. Nothing says spring to me like a bouquet of fresh flowers. With so many types of flowers out there, everyone has a favorite and they’ll be easier to find now that it’s spring. Another great idea is decorating with fresh fruit or vegetables. They’re practical since you can use them and they look great in your kitchen or dining room as a center piece. Flowers and fruit are a natural way to bring some fragrance into a space without having to use those overpowering sprays.


    { Fresh Flowers and Fruit }

    Here’s to hoping winter is over and the weather warms up. Happy spring!

    All images from,

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  7. Make it Pop

    Everybody needs a little color in their life. It can makes a room bright, warm, and inviting. There’s a perfect amount of color for everybody, it’s just a matter of finding out what your perfect amount is. Do you only need a pop of color or are you going to go bold with it?

    There are a few ways you can easily add some color to your life. The two easiest being throw pillows and accessories! That way you can always keep up on those ever changing trends. They’re also a great way to add just a touch of of color to an already great space.

    If you are one of the brave ones, why not go crazy with it! Make an entire sofa a bright color. Or maybe a big area rug to pull the whole room together?

    Another great way to add color is through, of course, paint! Paint is a great way to test your color choice since paint is relatively inexpensive. And if you don’t like it, just repaint! It’s much less of a commitment then say, a rug.

    Here are some great examples of ways you can add some color into your home.


    { Bright Pillows }


    { Pop of Pink }

    small spaces

    { Colorful Sofa }


    { Bold Base Cabinets }


    { Elegant Emerald }


    { Black and Yellow }


    { Hidden Color }


    { Cute Coral }


    { Purple and Yellow }


    { Pink and Blue }


    { Pretty Purple }

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  8. Find Your Perfect Surface

    Updating your counter top in your kitchen or bathroom is an easy way to change the feel of your room. There are a few things to consider before rushing out to buy one, though! Depending on your choice, there could be some added maintenance involved. Marble, especially light marble, should be resealed about every 3 to 6 months. Granite, however can be sealed annually. Quartz and quartzite are great choices because they need no maintenance and are extremely durable!

    Counter tops made from concrete are a great choice as well because they can easily be custom made to fit any size or shape! You can personalize it even more by adding a colored stain. But, they need much more maintenance than even marble! Experts suggest sealing with a wax monthly!  Butcher block counter tops are great since you never need to pull out a cutting board. They add a really warm feeling to any kitchen and look great with any style from traditional to modern.

    We’ve added a picture of a zinc counter top. Metal counter tops have been around for centuries but are great since they’re nonporous, so you don’t need to worry about bacteria sinking in at all like you would with some other options. Zinc, like all metal counter tops, will develop a patina; zinc’s being a great blueish-grey.

    Besides the types mentioned above, we’ve also included a few other of our favorite counter tops to show you just how many options there really are.

    We hope we’ve given you great food for thought! And don’t worry: there’s a great counter top out there for you!

    Absolute Honed- Black

    { Absolute Honed- Black }

    Island: Black Antique

    { Black Antique: On Island }

    Blanco Romano Granite

    { Blanco Romano }

    Butcher Block Island

    { Butcher Block }

    Calcutta Gold Island

    { Calcutta Gold }

    White Carrara

    { White Carrara Marble }


    { Ceasarstone }

    Concrete Countertop

    { Concrete }

    Lagos Blue

    { Lagos Blue }

    London Fog Granite

    { London Fog Granite }

    Soapstone Countertop: Bar

    { Soapstone }

    Zinc Countertop

    { Zinc }

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