1. Playing Favorites

    Everyone plays favorites…at Kate Marker Interiors, we find ourselves constantly thumbing through the entire Benjamin Moore paint deck only to consistently arrive at a select few paint strips with colors that have never disappointed, whether it’s for an interior or exterior space.  Here is a shot of our favorite neutrals – whites, lights, and darks.

    Favorite Paint Strips


    Posted below are projects we’ve completed featuring these favorite Benjamin Moore colors from the strips above: Swiss Coffee, White Dove, Collingwood, Silver Satin, Classic Gray from the whites and neutrals.  Kendall Charcoal rounds out the group as our preferred dark gray.


    Swiss Coffee





    Silver Satin


    Classic Gray







    What are your favorite neutrals?  Let us know on Instagram @katemarkerinteriors! #kmisharefavoriteneutrals













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  2. Traditional, Revisited


    Today we are sharing a before and after of a clients’ furnishings, largely traditional in style, and how they were given a second life to blend into a beautiful new custom home. This “new traditional” now reflects the clients in the best way possible – preserving what they had loved for years but reinventing it for the next chapter of their lives.  If you follow us on Instagram @katemarkerinteriors, we’ve tagged this our #estateonthelake project!




    -The New Look: Family Room- 












    This room was given a soft, classic palette and the furnishings are nearly all previously owned pieces, just reupholstered (exceptions are the twin  blue chest of drawers flanking the fireplace). The solid fabrics in beige and blue balance the warm gold tones of the existing coffee table and mirrors, a blend of  classic and sparkle!



    -The New Look: Dining Room- 



    We love how this room turned out!  The herringbone floor adds a beautiful detail and the bold window treatments brings such a freshness to a stately room!  The rug, table and side chairs, light fixture and mirror were all brought in from the clients’ previous home.

    -Steps for Transitioning-

    We took several steps to give these furnishings a facelift while successfully blending them with new surroundings and pieces.  Here’s how:

    1.  Update color palettes

    Fabrics in peach and red were replaced with neutral fabrics – creams, beiges, and soft blues in the family room.  The gray grasscloth wall covering in the dining room grounds the space.  The wall color selected for this new construction custom home is very light – Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore, seen below.




    2.  Update patterns

    The navy and cream herringbone fabric on the side chairs and wingback end chairs in the dining room introduce a small-scale pattern in a classic palette.  Herringbone, while enjoying a surge of popularity, is always in style.

    A bold choice was made for selecting the window treatments in the dining room. The large-scale floral Schumacher pattern of cream and navy, seen below, give the space a great dash of energy while still pulling in the same navy from the classic Persian rug that the clients already owned.

    Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.37.39 AM


    3. Purchase new pieces to complement the existing

    A few new pieces (even accessories!) can instantly complement existing furnishings – whether it’s with color, shape or functionality.  As mentioned above, the two chests in the family room were new, adding  clean lines and their unique blue color to the overall scheme.  Modern lighting choices are always a great add for minimal space commitment but a large impact.  In the case of the family room, the popular Morris Lantern by Visual Comfort adds a geometric element.  The credenza in the dining room is both functional for storage and transitional in looks.

    Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 4.09.50 PM


    4. Mix Metals

    Mixing up to three metals in a space keeps it from being too “matchy” and adds depth that straddles different design trends.  In the dining room below, we’ve mixed bronze, antique brass, and gold.




    We hope this provides a bit of inspiration for you to reconsider a piece of well-loved furniture that you were contemplating replacing because it’s original beauty has faded a bit!


    Check out our website soon for more pictures of this comprehensive project!



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  3. Summer Comforts & Our First Giveaway!

    There are certain types of friends that we should all have.  You can’t dispute the value of friends that are the loyal, honest, trustworthy type.  And it’s great to have at least one friend who is the entertaining, lift-your-spirits type.  The  advice-dispensing type of friend is a lifesaver when circumstances are complicated.   But when humidity is deflating your carefully timed blow-out, and the week just started but all you can focus on are plans for the weekend, the best type of friend to have is “the friend with the lake or beach house” type.

    If you are lucky enough to snag a day or overnight invitation to a home perched near a body of water, show your appreciation to the host or hostess with some of our favorite “summer comforts” gifts we love here at Kate Marker Interiors!  Hopefully your host/hostess will be so impressed that you’ll land yourself another invite!

    -Summer-themed hostess/housewarming gift ideas-





    1. Gray Malin Southampton Umbrellas Beach Print | 2.  Aquiesse Candle in Luxe Linen Fragrance (our “signature scent,” available through Kate Marker Interiors) | 3. Turkish Beach Towels  | 4.  French Market Tote  | 5. Soft Mint Ceramic Ginger Jar (available through Kate Marker Interiors) 6.  Brass Lanterns |  7. West Elm Reclaimed Wood Frames |  8. Bengal Bazaar Kelly Wearstler Throw Pillow      |  9. Periwinkle Channels Kelly Wearstler Throw Pillow


    -Instagram Giveaway Announcement-

    Big news here at Kate Marker Interiors!  We are giving away some of the above fantastic items we love via our @katemarkerinteriors Instagram!

    1.  Follow @katemarkerinteriors on Instagram and
    2.  Share the photo above by tagging 2 friends + @katemarkerinteriors
    3.  “Heart” this photo!
    We will choose a winner by noon CDT Thursday 7/16!
    Giveaway will only be shipped to a U.S. address.

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  4. The Ghost Chair

    A clear chair?  Yep, that’s right.  Today’s blog is dedicated to a transparent chair, technically the Louis Ghost Chair, that has become a new classic!    It’s historically-inspired silhouette, unique name, revolutionary clarity, and the fact that it can hold it’s own anywhere, with anything have all contributed to it’s popularity.  Read on to find out why this chair is such a great piece for almost any room in the house!


    Louis Ghost Chair

    {the Ghost chair}


    Introduced by the powerhouse French designer Phillipe Starck, the Ghost Chair (and it’s sister side chair, the Victoria), debuted over 10 years ago and they both have proven to have staying power.  The roots of the Ghost Chair go back to the Louis XVI chair, invented in the late 1700’s and featuring well-proportioned lines with slim, tapered legs and a round,  oval, or rectangular back.  These chairs of the Louis XVI are not overly detailed, unlike the previous Rococo era in France prior to their arrival.  The Ghost Chair is streamlined and proportional with a round back and actually made from injection-molded polycarbonate. Here’s an example of a traditional Louis XVI chair, courtesy of eBay:


    eBay Louis XvI Chair



    -Versatile Style-

    We love the Ghost chair for the many spaces it is capable of effortlessly enhancing, regardless of  lifestyles or living arrangements.  Take a look below – maybe you’ll be on the lookout for one or two of your own!


    Dining Room

    Dining chairs?  Yes! They haven’t met a table they don’t mix well with – Farmhouse to Tulip table, and everything in between.

    Katie Hackworth Design Ghost Chairs

    {polished + rustic}

     Katie Hackworth via The Rustic Modernist

    Luxe Home banquette with Ghost chairs

    {banquette with Ghost chairs}

    Banquette with Ghost Chairs via Luxe Home


     Stack some fluffy towels for a functional display – steamy showers won’t be cut short!

    Ghost Chair bathroom

    {Victoria chair in bathroom}

    Terracotta Design Build via Houzz



    Easily wipe off those sticky fingerprints and spills from creative sessions in a kids playroom!

    Lou Lou Chair Kids Ghost Playroom

    Via Decorpad


    Living Room

    If your living area has a “dead zone” or just needs a little jolt of personality, add a Ghost chair with a throw pillow or small sheepskin!   So lightweight, it can easily be pulled up to the other seating area for accommodating conversation.

    Throw pillow Ghost Chair the Everygirl

    {throw pillow + Ghost chair pair}

    Via The Everygirl


    The Desk Space

    Whether it’s an office desk, kitchen work space, or even a nightstand doubling as a desk, the Ghost chair complements every time.

    Ghost chair night stand MyDomaine

     Via MyDomaine

    Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.25.02 PM

    Via Apartment Therapy


    -Versatile Functionality-

     Because of the lightweight material, Ghost chairs can be used outside and are stackable! A nice break from the clunky brown or gray metal foldable chairs we all know – or for a special occasion like the image below.  Another great appeal is that because they are transparent and compact, they are suitable for small spaces by keeping it visually open.

    Ghost Chair Garden Party




    -As Used by Kate Marker Interiors-

    This gorgeous eating area maximizes space with the banquette while the transparency of the chairs allows several details to stand out – the metallic lattice wallpaper, geometric throw pillows, and carved wood of the table.  There is much to admire without looking fussy.

    Willow Residence Kitchen Ghost Chairs

    {willow residence project}

    Ghost Chairs Banquette Willow Residence

    {willow residence}


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  5. Nature’s Beauty for the Home

    Adding decorative touches from the outdoors to the indoors is an easy and beautiful way to bring an organic dimension to your space.   Any excuse for a stroll through nature (or garden center for the city slickers) or better yet, a trip to the beach, may yield a piece that gives a bit of color or texture.  Perhaps it’s an object gathered in abundance to make a statement, or something fresh to inject some warmth, or even something commonplace that is given a golden touch for a glam factor.  Nature’s many curiosities will always be a timeless option for accessorizing, and also make unique gifts!


    Here are some inspiration images that caught our eye…


    -From the Sea-

    Willow Home and Garden

    {coral topper on vintage books}
    Source: Willow Home and Garden via Pinterest

    Aerin Lauder via Instagram

    {coral with a dynamic wall covering}
    Source: Aerin Lauder via Instagram

    Gold Shells Aerin Lauder Instagram

    {gold shells, also from our designer crush, Aerin Lauder}
    Source: Aerin Lauder via Instagram

    giant clam shell via The Enchanted Home

    {giant clamshell with orchids}
    Source: The Enchanted Home blog via Pinterest

    Coral via Lonny

    {more coral + coffee table books}
    Source: Lonny


    -From the Garden-

    Herbs and Citrus

    {clusters of herbs}
    Source: Italy Magazine


    Willow Residence Topiaries


    {rosemary topiaries}
    Source: Kate Marker Interiors – Willow Residence


    Citrus and Succulents Pinterest

    {citrus + succulents}
    Source: Style Me Pretty via Pinterest



    -From the Rock Layer-

    Geodes Brit + Co

    Source: Brit + Co

    Geode Bookends

    {geode bookends}
    Source: Style Me Pretty


    -SHOP our Selection at Kate Marker Interiors-

    Bring nature into your home with unique pieces from our spring trip to High Point Market! Some of the featured items are the only piece of it’s kind and available in the Kate Marker showroom – stop in today at 220 S. Cook in Barrington, IL or place your order (we can ship!) at!



    {quartz $225}
    1 available

    Gold Barnacle

    {gold barnacle $72}


    giant clam shell

    {giant clam shell $160}


    Cattail baskets

    {cattail baskets, set of 7, stackable $245}
    1 set available


    Gold Coconut againGold coconut

    {gold coconut $115}
    1 available


    water hyacinth vases

    {water hyacinth vases, 24″ $85 and 31″ $95}
    1 available in each size


    Gold Agate bookendsGold Agate Bookend side view

    {gold agate bookends (pair) $150}
    1 pair available


    Water hyacinth x stoolswater hyacinth x stools top view

    {water hyacinth x-stools $175 each}
    2 available



    {pods $45 for the set}
    1 set available

    vintage circle vine

    {vintage circle vine $350}
    1 available

    wooden sand dollar

    {wooden sand dollar $250}
    1 available

    rock platters

    {rock platters, $65 and $125}
    1 available in each size


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  6. Kitchen Transformation!

    Today we are thrilled to share a dramatic Before-And-After project we at Kate Marker Interiors recently completed.  The chef-caliber kitchen is a far cry from it’s 1990’s predecessor, which was the complete package of warm golden oak cabinets, burgundy walls, a diagonal island with built-in cooktop and limited functional counter and eating space despite the open layout and generous square footage.  Can you picture what it probably looked like?  Okay, here’s the real deal, our  BEFORE!


    Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.40.26 AM

    {the lackluster layout & dated color scheme was not passing muster with the chef}


    -What Had to Go-

    The client, a passionate cook, sought big changes to optimize overall functionality and establish a generous every day eating and entertaining space.  The original kitchen was an ample size but had some major drawbacks.  A poorly planned stovetop on the small island was a hazard to anyone seated at the island and the placement of a stainless fridge was the unfortunate focal point of the kitchen.  A diagonal (why was diagonal such a hit 20+ years ago?) walk-in pantry was also awkward in that it broke up the minimal counter space.


    -Reconfiguring the Space-

    With two little children, the client wanted a “work zone” but also an eating space that was still very much a part of the kitchen.  This was accomplished in two ways.  First, continuing the wood floor from the kitchen into the adjacent open-concept family room that had been carpeted.  This visually connected the kitchen and family room and allowed the kitchen to encroach closer to the family room by placing a large island in what would otherwise be wasted space between the two rooms.  Secondly, the plan for this large island was then swapped in favor of two islands!  The first island is in the heart of the “work triangle” with quick access to the fridge, range, and sink and the second island, complete with a counter overhang for bar seating, is very much in the hub of the kitchen but out of the way of food prep.



    -The Reveal-



    {light and airy cabinets surround two islands}


    Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.24.21 PM

    {lighting fixtures add a touch of sparkle}

    -The Distinctive Details-

    The walk-in pantry was removed  to allow for the eye-catching range and gorgeous backsplash tiles to become the new focal point centered along the far wall.


    Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.23.42 PM

    {the honed granite counters on the prep island}


    Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.25.18 PM

    {the backsplash tile is a raised ceramic}



    Honed quartzite counters on the perimeter are a soft complement to the artistic textured backsplash tiles in subdued greens and blues.


    Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.25.01 PM

    {white distressed wood cabinets with honed quartzite counters}


    Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.24.02 PM


    Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.25.31 PM

    {white farmhouse sink}



    -Bench Seating-

    Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.50.29 PM

    {counter bench}


    Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.15.22 PM



    The two counter benches are one of our favorite alternatives to traditional bar stools.  They are customizeable and comfortable.  Contact us at Kate Marker Interiors if you are interested in swapping stools for a bench or two – so many options to choose from!  Here are some other examples of counter benches for the look we love!



    Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.59.08 PM

    {Source: 2 Ivy Lane via Houzz}


    Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.02.30 PM

    {Source: Caitlin Creer via Pinterest}


    Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.57.02 PM

    {Source: Tracery Interiors via Houzz}


    -Don’t Miss Out On This June Special-

    Pillow Promotion from our favorite Etsy shops

    PopOColor offers 10% for orders of $100 or more through 6/15 with the code “KateMarker”
    SparkModern offers 10% off orders through 6/30 with the code “KMIBLOG” (case sensitive)
    MotifPillows offers 10% off with code “KMI10”

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  7. Vibrant & Versatile Runners | SHOP Our Selection!

    An amazing addition to your personal home decor may not be fresh from the pages of your favorite retailer’s catalog…but instead could be a bit hard to find, decades-old, one-of-a-kind, and saturated with colors that don’t appear anywhere in your house!  Any guesses?

    If “vintage Persian rug runners” was on the tip of your tongue, great answer!  Today we want to spotlight the versatility, durability, originality, and beauty of these classic rugs.  We are excited to announce we have a great selection available in our showroom, with descriptions and photos below!

    The stunning salmon and navy handmade Persian runner in our Russell Residence project spurred today’s blog post.  Here is a picture of our client’s formal entry:


    Persian Runner


    {a bold focal point in the Russell Residence}


    The neutral, refined foyer gains warmth and energy from the deep hues of the rug that simultaneously lure a visitor further in.

    The durability of these handmade wool rugs allows for versatility in placement.  Oriental and Persian rugs tend to be associated with formal spaces and yet a space as rugged as a mudroom could even be considered to include a runner.  Below is a laundry & mudroom shot from the Willow Street project, boasting a vibrant geometric runner that pops against the subdued green cabinets.  Deep colors are forgiving for the heavy foot traffic of a family on the go.


    Marker Laundry


    {model mudroom}


    Here is close-up, displaying shades of deep pink and petite shapes of minty green, violet, and orange among others.  Clearly this pup is impressed by the diamond motif detail.


    Vintage Mudroom Runner


    {dazzling diamond motif}


    Layering with a natural fiber rug such as the jute one seen here is also an approach that contrasts bold colors with neutral colors and wool’s smooth texture with typically rougher organic textures.  Our friend Bowie gravitates towards pinks.


    Mud Room Maggie's dog



    Despite the strong colors and designs, Persian rugs tend to blend well with other decor, however modern or traditional.  A Persian runner is seen here piled with pillows that have a modern linear design.


    Kelly Wearstler pillow runner



    A few of our favorite rug styles for these vibrant runners are named after regions and cities in Persia,  specifically Hamadan and Azerbaijan.  The geographic locations of these two areas determine the quality of the wool and dye colors available due to the vegetables that thrive in each respective place and the diet of the sheep.  Now both located in modern day Iran, Azerbaijan is the further north region of the two and thus known for oiler, denser lamb’s wool and rich vegetation that provides a broad range of colors for the vegetable dyes used in the rug making process.  Hamadan is a slightly looser wool weave and uses more consistent colors.   Both the Hamadan and Azerbaijani patterns tend to be mostly geometrical, contributing to a look that is relevant in today’s design trends.  Floral motifs are also prevalent.   These rugs have been handmade using mostly vegetable and chromic dye processes that stand the test of time.


    – Shop our curated selection –

    Below we have a hand-picked a selection of runners in our showroom.  All are unique in size, pattern, and colors, and handmade.  Please contact or call us at 224-848-4322 to purchase!  We can ship anywhere in the U.S.!



    3’4” x 13’1″

    A sophisticated Azerbaijani stunner dating back to 1965-1975 with deep salmons, inky blues, and soft cream in an eye-catching geometric pattern, called Kazak.


    2’5” x 3’10”
    A flatweave geometric pattern in reds, blues, creams, and a touch of orange adds a touch of interest to a smaller spot.



    3’7” x 10’4”

    This Hamadan runner deserves a second and third look as more colors and unique pairings are uncovered with each viewing.




    3’4” x 10’2”

    At an attractive 10’ length, this Azerbaijani runner reflects the timeless practice of rug-making yet is relevant for a modern world with the fun pops of aqua amidst the deep pink tones and geometric pattern.




    3’2” x 10’4”

    The stand-alone neutral different than it’s Persian counterparts, this is a Khotan pattern originating from Uzbekistan and made in Pakistan, in a soft palette of ivory, gold, and the palest silvery gray.  A piece of artwork against a dark wood floor.  Brand new.





    2’7” x 4’10”

    Rich pairing of colorfast pinks and blues standing the test of time and showing it’s Hamadan history, dating to 1920-1930.




    3’4” x 15’5”

    A bold statement, this Hamadan runner has colors of teal, bubblegum pink, orange, navy and royal blue dancing amongst the strong red.




    2’7” x 6’7”

    Predominantly raspberry color featuring a dense botanical pattern with rich pops of color in light, royal and navy blues, mint green and kelly green, rich brown, soft gold, warm pink.  Less geometric and more floral, this Persian runner’s style originates from Lilihan, a city in Iran and is the highest quality runner.  This is around 100 years old, dating to 1910-1920.


    Not finding that perfect fit for your home?  If these selections do not suit your space in terms of size or color palette, we will gladly work with you to find the right match!


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  8. The Lake Effect

    Soon the chatter of children in classrooms will move outside to fill the air around all things water- backyard sprinklers, neighborhood pools, resort lakes, ocean beaches. However one defines leisure in summer time, water seems to be a common thread that we gravitate towards…to splash in, gaze at, relax beside. Today we are revisiting a former project to bring you a dose of the Lake Effect, layer by layer. Here is our recipe to achieve the carefree atmosphere of the lakeside home.

    1 - Lake House


    – White, All White –

    Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.57.58 PM

    {White Dove OC-17 by Benjamin Moore}

    First, start with a crisp, clean palette of white. White reflects summer’s light and unifies an open floor plan, especially if the space is smaller scale. White depicts simplicity, and that’s what lake living should be.

    For our white, we painted all interior walls with Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. Note the use of shiplap to provide nautical detailing, reminiscent of the paneling of a ship.


    – Organic Layers –

    2 - Lake House

    5 - Lake House

    {jute + wicker}

    Time to mix in some texture! Natural fiber rugs define a living or dining area and provide a grounded and versatile look. Wicker furnishings add to the relaxed vibe and blend well with upholstered or more industrial pieces. Well-placed woven baskets serve as eye-pleasing storage.


    – Color Splash –

    3 - Lake House

    {navy + green + yellow}

    Now add a dose of color. As we stated in our previous blog entry on May 20th, a trio of pillows liven up a room. The navy, green, and yellow seen here are an energetic combination and the green is continued through the open space on the statement-making twin tufted ottomans and fresh green plants. The striped swivel chairs and lumbar pillows balance the navy and yellow accents.   Each piece makes a splash against the soft backdrop of whites and neutrals.

    Peek at our previous blog post to check out some fresh summer color combinations here!


    – Finishing Details –

    4 - Lake House

    {layered accessories with a nautical vibe}

    6 - Lake House

    {vintage runner with original stair spindles}

    7 - Lake House

    {classic lantern with woven chairs}

    8 - Lake House

    {tufted daybed and swivel floor lamps are perfect for guests}

    9 - Lake House

    {table for ten}

    9 - Lake House

    {mid-century modern chair with wicker seat}

    10 - Lake House

    {rope pendant}

    The final layer tops the overall look by adding small touches of glam and interest.  A mercury glass table lamp and twin mercury glass jars add sparkle in the midst of the soft, natural materials in the rest of the space.  The glass cloches and glass hurricanes dress up tabletops without obstructing a view to the outside. The vintage Oriental rug in the entry is both sophisticated and timeless, it’s over-dyed colors adding a dash of drama.


    – Get the Look –

    Here are some products to give your home a touch of summer’s laid-back vibe, the Lake Effect.  For ordering, send  us an email at
    Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 12.48.40 PM

    Green Oak Pendant

    Green Malachite

    Green Malachite Pillow

    Yellow Pillow

    Velvet Citrine Pillow

    Navy Tashkent SparkModern

    Navy Tashkent Pillow


    Clifton Rug

    Clifton Rug


    South Seas Bar Cart

    South Seas Bar Cart

    Ariana Rugs Salmon Runner

    Vintage Runner

    – Take a Further Look –

    Dreaming of your own waterside escape yet?  See more images of this lakeside cottage on our website at Kate Marker Interiors Lakeshore Residence



    Pillow Promotion from our favorite Etsy shops

    PopOColor offers 10% for orders of $100 or more through 6/15 with the code “KateMarker”
    SparkModern offers 10% off orders through 6/30 with the code “KMIBLOG” (case sensitive)
    MotifPillows offers 10% off with code “KMI10”


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  9. Summer Pillow Swap

    With Memorial Day weekend coming up fast, we are ready to shift into summer mode and embrace it’s wonderful characteristics – green lawns, blue pools, white pants, pink watermelon, yellow corn on the cob, popsicles in every color of the rainbow. With this season of exploding color inspiration, we want to share some fresh throw pillow combinations to transition your home into warm and sunny carefree days.

    To try out your own combination, we suggest pairing a small-scale print + organic/botanical print + large scale print. One geometric pattern, either large or small, is a good contrast to the organic choice.

    Find a summer style that suits you below!

    Bold Florals{Bold Florals}


    The asymmetrical black and white pillow juxtaposed with the modern floral pattern add energy to any room with our Bold Florals combination.

    Pillows Front to Back:
    Citrine Velvet – MotifPillowsKelly Wearstler Channels in Ebony  – SparkModernManuel Canovas Misia in Multicolore – SparkModern



    Soothing Neutrals{Soothing Neutrals}


    Relaxed sophistication infuses a space with our Soothing Neutrals trio.

    Pillows Front to Back:
    Kelly Wearstler Katana lumbar in Ivory/Ebony- SparkModernSchumacher Hot House Flowers in Mineral – SparkModernPeter Dunham Textiles Rajmata in Limestone – SparkModern



    Global Boho


    {Global Boho}


    Unique prints and surprising color combinations give Global Bohemian more than enough interest to last beyond the summer months. Tie-dye is the organic selection for this boho theme.

    Pillows Front to Back:
    Tribal Decorative Lumbar  – SandyKilimPillow, Banda Midnight – Eskayal, Pink Ikat – MotifPillows


    Navy + Botanicals{Navy + Botanicals}


    This crisp combination of Navy + Botanicals gives a nod to pool awnings and lush vegetation, with a relaxed indigo accent.

    Pillows Front to Back:
    Indigo Herringbone Bolster – John Robshaw Textiles, Peter Dunham Textiles Fig Leaf Faded on Hemp – SparkModern, Schumacher Mary McDonald Puka Diamond – PopOColor



    Thanks so much to Etsy shops PopOColor, SparkModern, and MotifPillows for offering 10% off* to our readers!

    PopOColor offers 10% for orders of $100 or more through 6/15 with the code “KateMarker”
    SparkModern offers 10% off orders through 6/30 with the code “KMIBLOG” (case sensitive)
    MotifPillows offers 10% off with code “KMI10”

    SandyKilimPillow is an Etsy shop based in Turkey and most pillows in their extensive collection are one-of-a-kind.

    John Robshaw Textiles are inspired by crafting techniques of various Asian countries and cultures and are sourced by workshops throughout India.


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  10. Egg-cellent Colored Furniture!

    Easter is just a couple days away! And with Easter always comes brightly colored Easter eggs.  We’ve found some great furniture pieces that feature lovely pastel colors perfect for spring.  These pieces, and other ones like them, could be the perfect pop of color you’re looking for at this time of year!

    Brightly colored furniture is great because you can find them in all styles. From traditional to modern, from blue to yellow, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece for you. You can find smaller pieces, like accent tables, or bigger pieces like dressers or desks.

    Do you have a piece of furniture at home that you love but it’s starting to look dated? If that’s the case, let us know! We can help you pick out the perfect color choice to refinish it in! This is a more affordable way to get the piece of colored furniture of your dreams.



    If you’re interested in any of these pieces stop by the showroom!

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