1. Nature’s Beauty for the Home

    Adding decorative touches from the outdoors to the indoors is an easy and beautiful way to bring an organic dimension to your space.   Any excuse for a stroll through nature (or garden center for the city slickers) or better yet, a trip to the beach, may yield a piece that gives a bit of color or texture.  Perhaps it’s an object gathered in abundance to make a statement, or something fresh to inject some warmth, or even something commonplace that is given a golden touch for a glam factor.  Nature’s many curiosities will always be a timeless option for accessorizing, and also make unique gifts!


    Here are some inspiration images that caught our eye…


    -From the Sea-

    Willow Home and Garden

    {coral topper on vintage books}
    Source: Willow Home and Garden via Pinterest

    Aerin Lauder via Instagram

    {coral with a dynamic wall covering}
    Source: Aerin Lauder via Instagram

    Gold Shells Aerin Lauder Instagram

    {gold shells, also from our designer crush, Aerin Lauder}
    Source: Aerin Lauder via Instagram

    giant clam shell via The Enchanted Home

    {giant clamshell with orchids}
    Source: The Enchanted Home blog via Pinterest

    Coral via Lonny

    {more coral + coffee table books}
    Source: Lonny


    -From the Garden-

    Herbs and Citrus

    {clusters of herbs}
    Source: Italy Magazine


    Willow Residence Topiaries


    {rosemary topiaries}
    Source: Kate Marker Interiors – Willow Residence


    Citrus and Succulents Pinterest

    {citrus + succulents}
    Source: Style Me Pretty via Pinterest



    -From the Rock Layer-

    Geodes Brit + Co

    Source: Brit + Co

    Geode Bookends

    {geode bookends}
    Source: Style Me Pretty


    -SHOP our Selection at Kate Marker Interiors-

    Bring nature into your home with unique pieces from our spring trip to High Point Market! Some of the featured items are the only piece of it’s kind and available in the Kate Marker showroom – stop in today at 220 S. Cook in Barrington, IL or place your order (we can ship!) at!



    {quartz $225}
    1 available

    Gold Barnacle

    {gold barnacle $72}


    giant clam shell

    {giant clam shell $160}


    Cattail baskets

    {cattail baskets, set of 7, stackable $245}
    1 set available


    Gold Coconut againGold coconut

    {gold coconut $115}
    1 available


    water hyacinth vases

    {water hyacinth vases, 24″ $85 and 31″ $95}
    1 available in each size


    Gold Agate bookendsGold Agate Bookend side view

    {gold agate bookends (pair) $150}
    1 pair available


    Water hyacinth x stoolswater hyacinth x stools top view

    {water hyacinth x-stools $175 each}
    2 available



    {pods $45 for the set}
    1 set available

    vintage circle vine

    {vintage circle vine $350}
    1 available

    wooden sand dollar

    {wooden sand dollar $250}
    1 available

    rock platters

    {rock platters, $65 and $125}
    1 available in each size


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  2. Vibrant & Versatile Runners | SHOP Our Selection!

    An amazing addition to your personal home decor may not be fresh from the pages of your favorite retailer’s catalog…but instead could be a bit hard to find, decades-old, one-of-a-kind, and saturated with colors that don’t appear anywhere in your house!  Any guesses?

    If “vintage Persian rug runners” was on the tip of your tongue, great answer!  Today we want to spotlight the versatility, durability, originality, and beauty of these classic rugs.  We are excited to announce we have a great selection available in our showroom, with descriptions and photos below!

    The stunning salmon and navy handmade Persian runner in our Russell Residence project spurred today’s blog post.  Here is a picture of our client’s formal entry:


    Persian Runner


    {a bold focal point in the Russell Residence}


    The neutral, refined foyer gains warmth and energy from the deep hues of the rug that simultaneously lure a visitor further in.

    The durability of these handmade wool rugs allows for versatility in placement.  Oriental and Persian rugs tend to be associated with formal spaces and yet a space as rugged as a mudroom could even be considered to include a runner.  Below is a laundry & mudroom shot from the Willow Street project, boasting a vibrant geometric runner that pops against the subdued green cabinets.  Deep colors are forgiving for the heavy foot traffic of a family on the go.


    Marker Laundry


    {model mudroom}


    Here is close-up, displaying shades of deep pink and petite shapes of minty green, violet, and orange among others.  Clearly this pup is impressed by the diamond motif detail.


    Vintage Mudroom Runner


    {dazzling diamond motif}


    Layering with a natural fiber rug such as the jute one seen here is also an approach that contrasts bold colors with neutral colors and wool’s smooth texture with typically rougher organic textures.  Our friend Bowie gravitates towards pinks.


    Mud Room Maggie's dog



    Despite the strong colors and designs, Persian rugs tend to blend well with other decor, however modern or traditional.  A Persian runner is seen here piled with pillows that have a modern linear design.


    Kelly Wearstler pillow runner



    A few of our favorite rug styles for these vibrant runners are named after regions and cities in Persia,  specifically Hamadan and Azerbaijan.  The geographic locations of these two areas determine the quality of the wool and dye colors available due to the vegetables that thrive in each respective place and the diet of the sheep.  Now both located in modern day Iran, Azerbaijan is the further north region of the two and thus known for oiler, denser lamb’s wool and rich vegetation that provides a broad range of colors for the vegetable dyes used in the rug making process.  Hamadan is a slightly looser wool weave and uses more consistent colors.   Both the Hamadan and Azerbaijani patterns tend to be mostly geometrical, contributing to a look that is relevant in today’s design trends.  Floral motifs are also prevalent.   These rugs have been handmade using mostly vegetable and chromic dye processes that stand the test of time.


    – Shop our curated selection –

    Below we have a hand-picked a selection of runners in our showroom.  All are unique in size, pattern, and colors, and handmade.  Please contact or call us at 224-848-4322 to purchase!  We can ship anywhere in the U.S.!



    3’4” x 13’1″

    A sophisticated Azerbaijani stunner dating back to 1965-1975 with deep salmons, inky blues, and soft cream in an eye-catching geometric pattern, called Kazak.


    2’5” x 3’10”
    A flatweave geometric pattern in reds, blues, creams, and a touch of orange adds a touch of interest to a smaller spot.



    3’7” x 10’4”

    This Hamadan runner deserves a second and third look as more colors and unique pairings are uncovered with each viewing.




    3’4” x 10’2”

    At an attractive 10’ length, this Azerbaijani runner reflects the timeless practice of rug-making yet is relevant for a modern world with the fun pops of aqua amidst the deep pink tones and geometric pattern.




    3’2” x 10’4”

    The stand-alone neutral different than it’s Persian counterparts, this is a Khotan pattern originating from Uzbekistan and made in Pakistan, in a soft palette of ivory, gold, and the palest silvery gray.  A piece of artwork against a dark wood floor.  Brand new.





    2’7” x 4’10”

    Rich pairing of colorfast pinks and blues standing the test of time and showing it’s Hamadan history, dating to 1920-1930.




    3’4” x 15’5”

    A bold statement, this Hamadan runner has colors of teal, bubblegum pink, orange, navy and royal blue dancing amongst the strong red.




    2’7” x 6’7”

    Predominantly raspberry color featuring a dense botanical pattern with rich pops of color in light, royal and navy blues, mint green and kelly green, rich brown, soft gold, warm pink.  Less geometric and more floral, this Persian runner’s style originates from Lilihan, a city in Iran and is the highest quality runner.  This is around 100 years old, dating to 1910-1920.


    Not finding that perfect fit for your home?  If these selections do not suit your space in terms of size or color palette, we will gladly work with you to find the right match!


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  3. Spring Brings Changes to KMI!

    Here at KMI, we are transitioning the showroom from winter to spring! We are excited to share a couple changes with you. We have a new shipment of timeless accessories coming in soon! We also have tons of fresh, new fabrics for spring!

    There is something about moving a few things around after the cold winter that makes you feel alive again! Sometimes adding a new lamp or rearranging your furniture makes such a difference! How about adding a new piece from KMI? Today, we are showing you one of our favorite pieces: this vintage, soft grey cabinet! We found this piece in a local antique shop and had it refinished! This cabinet is the perfect size (39″W x 15″D x 64″ H), it’s small enough to fit in a tight space but still makes a big statement! We have been asking $850 for this one of a kind cabinet but today we are introducing it’s new price: $650! Take this piece home today and add some life to your space!

    photo 1

    { one of a kind! }

    photo 2

    { the little details }

    photo 3

    { unique corners }

    Another fun change we’ve made for spring is adding a new rug to the front of our showroom! The pattern and colors are fabulous! The ikat pattern is infused with silk and wool. The rug has a muted background of grey, taupe, and charcoal. What makes it really pop is the punch of lavender! Lavender is a great color for spring! This rug makes such a statement! When the lavender silk catches the light, it shimmers. The rug measures out at 10’6″  x 8’2″. If you’re interested, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call!


    { the showroom }


    { details }


    { lavender silk }

    Happy Spring, everyone! Have a great weekend!

    All images belong to Kate Marker Interiors.

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