1. Summer Comforts & Our First Giveaway!

    There are certain types of friends that we should all have.  You can’t dispute the value of friends that are the loyal, honest, trustworthy type.  And it’s great to have at least one friend who is the entertaining, lift-your-spirits type.  The  advice-dispensing type of friend is a lifesaver when circumstances are complicated.   But when humidity is deflating your carefully timed blow-out, and the week just started but all you can focus on are plans for the weekend, the best type of friend to have is “the friend with the lake or beach house” type.

    If you are lucky enough to snag a day or overnight invitation to a home perched near a body of water, show your appreciation to the host or hostess with some of our favorite “summer comforts” gifts we love here at Kate Marker Interiors!  Hopefully your host/hostess will be so impressed that you’ll land yourself another invite!

    -Summer-themed hostess/housewarming gift ideas-





    1. Gray Malin Southampton Umbrellas Beach Print | 2.  Aquiesse Candle in Luxe Linen Fragrance (our “signature scent,” available through Kate Marker Interiors) | 3. Turkish Beach Towels  | 4.  French Market Tote  | 5. Soft Mint Ceramic Ginger Jar (available through Kate Marker Interiors) 6.  Brass Lanterns |  7. West Elm Reclaimed Wood Frames |  8. Bengal Bazaar Kelly Wearstler Throw Pillow      |  9. Periwinkle Channels Kelly Wearstler Throw Pillow


    -Instagram Giveaway Announcement-

    Big news here at Kate Marker Interiors!  We are giving away some of the above fantastic items we love via our @katemarkerinteriors Instagram!

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    3.  “Heart” this photo!
    We will choose a winner by noon CDT Thursday 7/16!
    Giveaway will only be shipped to a U.S. address.

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  2. The Ghost Chair

    A clear chair?  Yep, that’s right.  Today’s blog is dedicated to a transparent chair, technically the Louis Ghost Chair, that has become a new classic!    It’s historically-inspired silhouette, unique name, revolutionary clarity, and the fact that it can hold it’s own anywhere, with anything have all contributed to it’s popularity.  Read on to find out why this chair is such a great piece for almost any room in the house!


    Louis Ghost Chair

    {the Ghost chair}


    Introduced by the powerhouse French designer Phillipe Starck, the Ghost Chair (and it’s sister side chair, the Victoria), debuted over 10 years ago and they both have proven to have staying power.  The roots of the Ghost Chair go back to the Louis XVI chair, invented in the late 1700’s and featuring well-proportioned lines with slim, tapered legs and a round,  oval, or rectangular back.  These chairs of the Louis XVI are not overly detailed, unlike the previous Rococo era in France prior to their arrival.  The Ghost Chair is streamlined and proportional with a round back and actually made from injection-molded polycarbonate. Here’s an example of a traditional Louis XVI chair, courtesy of eBay:


    eBay Louis XvI Chair



    -Versatile Style-

    We love the Ghost chair for the many spaces it is capable of effortlessly enhancing, regardless of  lifestyles or living arrangements.  Take a look below – maybe you’ll be on the lookout for one or two of your own!


    Dining Room

    Dining chairs?  Yes! They haven’t met a table they don’t mix well with – Farmhouse to Tulip table, and everything in between.

    Katie Hackworth Design Ghost Chairs

    {polished + rustic}

     Katie Hackworth via The Rustic Modernist

    Luxe Home banquette with Ghost chairs

    {banquette with Ghost chairs}

    Banquette with Ghost Chairs via Luxe Home


     Stack some fluffy towels for a functional display – steamy showers won’t be cut short!

    Ghost Chair bathroom

    {Victoria chair in bathroom}

    Terracotta Design Build via Houzz



    Easily wipe off those sticky fingerprints and spills from creative sessions in a kids playroom!

    Lou Lou Chair Kids Ghost Playroom

    Via Decorpad


    Living Room

    If your living area has a “dead zone” or just needs a little jolt of personality, add a Ghost chair with a throw pillow or small sheepskin!   So lightweight, it can easily be pulled up to the other seating area for accommodating conversation.

    Throw pillow Ghost Chair the Everygirl

    {throw pillow + Ghost chair pair}

    Via The Everygirl


    The Desk Space

    Whether it’s an office desk, kitchen work space, or even a nightstand doubling as a desk, the Ghost chair complements every time.

    Ghost chair night stand MyDomaine

     Via MyDomaine

    Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.25.02 PM

    Via Apartment Therapy


    -Versatile Functionality-

     Because of the lightweight material, Ghost chairs can be used outside and are stackable! A nice break from the clunky brown or gray metal foldable chairs we all know – or for a special occasion like the image below.  Another great appeal is that because they are transparent and compact, they are suitable for small spaces by keeping it visually open.

    Ghost Chair Garden Party




    -As Used by Kate Marker Interiors-

    This gorgeous eating area maximizes space with the banquette while the transparency of the chairs allows several details to stand out – the metallic lattice wallpaper, geometric throw pillows, and carved wood of the table.  There is much to admire without looking fussy.

    Willow Residence Kitchen Ghost Chairs

    {willow residence project}

    Ghost Chairs Banquette Willow Residence

    {willow residence}


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  3. Nature’s Beauty for the Home

    Adding decorative touches from the outdoors to the indoors is an easy and beautiful way to bring an organic dimension to your space.   Any excuse for a stroll through nature (or garden center for the city slickers) or better yet, a trip to the beach, may yield a piece that gives a bit of color or texture.  Perhaps it’s an object gathered in abundance to make a statement, or something fresh to inject some warmth, or even something commonplace that is given a golden touch for a glam factor.  Nature’s many curiosities will always be a timeless option for accessorizing, and also make unique gifts!


    Here are some inspiration images that caught our eye…


    -From the Sea-

    Willow Home and Garden

    {coral topper on vintage books}
    Source: Willow Home and Garden via Pinterest

    Aerin Lauder via Instagram

    {coral with a dynamic wall covering}
    Source: Aerin Lauder via Instagram

    Gold Shells Aerin Lauder Instagram

    {gold shells, also from our designer crush, Aerin Lauder}
    Source: Aerin Lauder via Instagram

    giant clam shell via The Enchanted Home

    {giant clamshell with orchids}
    Source: The Enchanted Home blog via Pinterest

    Coral via Lonny

    {more coral + coffee table books}
    Source: Lonny


    -From the Garden-

    Herbs and Citrus

    {clusters of herbs}
    Source: Italy Magazine


    Willow Residence Topiaries


    {rosemary topiaries}
    Source: Kate Marker Interiors – Willow Residence


    Citrus and Succulents Pinterest

    {citrus + succulents}
    Source: Style Me Pretty via Pinterest



    -From the Rock Layer-

    Geodes Brit + Co

    Source: Brit + Co

    Geode Bookends

    {geode bookends}
    Source: Style Me Pretty


    -SHOP our Selection at Kate Marker Interiors-

    Bring nature into your home with unique pieces from our spring trip to High Point Market! Some of the featured items are the only piece of it’s kind and available in the Kate Marker showroom – stop in today at 220 S. Cook in Barrington, IL or place your order (we can ship!) at!



    {quartz $225}
    1 available

    Gold Barnacle

    {gold barnacle $72}


    giant clam shell

    {giant clam shell $160}


    Cattail baskets

    {cattail baskets, set of 7, stackable $245}
    1 set available


    Gold Coconut againGold coconut

    {gold coconut $115}
    1 available


    water hyacinth vases

    {water hyacinth vases, 24″ $85 and 31″ $95}
    1 available in each size


    Gold Agate bookendsGold Agate Bookend side view

    {gold agate bookends (pair) $150}
    1 pair available


    Water hyacinth x stoolswater hyacinth x stools top view

    {water hyacinth x-stools $175 each}
    2 available



    {pods $45 for the set}
    1 set available

    vintage circle vine

    {vintage circle vine $350}
    1 available

    wooden sand dollar

    {wooden sand dollar $250}
    1 available

    rock platters

    {rock platters, $65 and $125}
    1 available in each size


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  4. Think Green!

    Every year since 2000 Pantone picks one color to be the color of the year. The past years have brought us colors like turquoise, tangerine, and this years color, which is emerald. Whenever Pantone chooses their color of the year, there’s always an outburst of this color everywhere! It shows up in fashion, home decor, fabrics; anything and everything. We think this year’s choice is great! It’s such a bold color, but incredibly classic and elegant all at the same time.  And with St. Patrick’s day just a couple days away, we thought this was the perfect time to talk about emerald. Just like all paint colors have numbers, Pantone’s colors do, too. The number associate with the color, emerald’s is 17-5641, refers to where the color sits in their color library.

    Some great ways to infuse emerald into your space is through accessories. Adding a vase or throw pillow in this color are simple ways. That way, if you get tired of the color, you can easily replace them! An emerald rug or drapery panels would really make a statement in any space.

    Emerald is best mixed with a neutral color palate, like in the images we show below. All the spaces look great because there’s a nice balance between the green and the neutral color chosen. Emerald always looks good with gold accents. Mixing in some navy or pale blue can look lovely, as well.

    We hope you’re on board with this color because don’t expect this color to go away anytime soon!



    { Everything Emerald }

     Is it too early to make predictions for next year’s color?

    All images from, anthropology

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  5. Spring is in the Air!

    Spring is finally upon us!  With that in mind, we wanted to show you some great ways to decorate this spring. We’ll be making some changes to our showroom soon, too. We can’t wait! While we still have snow on the ground here, you can’t blame us for being a bit eager to brighten up a room!

    And when spring rolls around, that usually means spring cleaning for a lot of people. Now’s a great time to get organized. Not only are a lot of people already planning on cleaning to begin with, lots of stores have all the storage boxes and baskets on sale. Baskets are a great way to hide that necessary clutter in any room whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, or kid’s room. They come in all sorts of sizes making it easy to find the perfect one.


    { Store in Style }

    Adding a new pop of color to your space is easy with some new accent pillows. Adding a bright color will definitely make it feel like spring in there! Adding a yellow, bright blue or green can really liven up the space.  But, those bright colors can come from anywhere. A small way to decorate for spring is to add some bright accessories or a piece of art.


    { Bright Pillows }

    As much as we hate to admit it, rugs can gather dust and dander, despite our best efforts to stop that. A new area rug can make a huge impact on your space.  A bold color will balance out neutral sofas and chairs. We have lots of great options in our show room, so stop by!


    { Bold Area Rugs }

    Our final decorating suggestion is to decorate with flowers. Nothing says spring to me like a bouquet of fresh flowers. With so many types of flowers out there, everyone has a favorite and they’ll be easier to find now that it’s spring. Another great idea is decorating with fresh fruit or vegetables. They’re practical since you can use them and they look great in your kitchen or dining room as a center piece. Flowers and fruit are a natural way to bring some fragrance into a space without having to use those overpowering sprays.


    { Fresh Flowers and Fruit }

    Here’s to hoping winter is over and the weather warms up. Happy spring!

    All images from,

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  6. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

    As we mentioned in our last post, mirrors are a great item to accessorize your home with! There’s a perfect mirror out there for everyone as they come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors, and material. The reflective quality of the surface can make any room seem bigger, which is great for those of you living in a smaller home; they visually expand the room. Make sure you hang your mirror at the right height though, otherwise you can be left with unfortunate reflections. For example, people’s feet and legs of furniture as opposed to the artwork on the opposite wall. Large, over-sized mirrors are always great in dining rooms. During dinners, with candles lit, it can give a warm, romantic feel.

    No one ever said you have to just hang one mirror in a space though! Multiple mirrors can add a really great effect and become art in its own sense. Using two to three mirrors is pretty common but don’t let that stop you from creating a huge mirror focal point out of lots of smaller mirrors. We suggest no smaller than 8″ x 8″ squares. Round mirrors are a great choice in bathrooms where you have a bit smaller of a space to work with, but that doesn’t mean your limited to only that option. Mirrors come in a huge range of different sizes now so you’re guaranteed to find the size just right for you.

    We’ve thrown together some of our favorite mirrors to help you draw inspiration for the next room you hope to re-do!



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